Moringa Seed Oil in the Spotlight

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Moringa Seed Oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of Moringa oleifera tree, also called the Drumstick tree.

This tree is native to the Himalayan foothills of northern India and cultivated throughout the tropics. Moringa Olifeira grows long pods which contain the precious seeds and once matured are processed into 'Ben Oil' or 'Behen Oil'. The name derives from a very high content in behenic acid which helps the oil resist rancidity for a long period of time and is highly valued in perfumery for being able to capture and hold the most delicate scents.

In skin care it has remarkable properties because of its high monounsaturated oleic acid content, therefore very moisturising for dry and mature skin, yet does not feel oily. It protects the skin and is a very good anti-oxidant.

Moringa oil is among the most desired oils in the formulation of skin care products and cosmetics, chosen for its many antioxidants and documented skin-rejuvenating properties. These antioxidants do wonders for ageing and nutrient-depleted skin.

In Egypt it was used to make medicinal ointments and salves and to protect the skin from the desert environment. A daily skin treatment for wrinkles and sun damage combined gum of frankincense and ground Cyprus grass mixed with fermented plant juice. A venerated oil, vases of moringa oil were found inside ancient tombs.

Another interesting application of Moringa oil is in the production of expensive and natural perfumes and fragrances. Many commercially produced perfumes are created with scents that are synthesized using chemicals. However, a portion of the perfume market still employs more traditional and natural production practices to create their perfumes, using a technique known as "enflourage". This procedure uses oils to capture the scents of natural plant materials, locking the scent molecules into the oil. Moringa oil’s high oleic level, combined with its enduring shelf life, make it a popular choice for traditional perfume production.

Please note: Because  we use pure, unrefined Moringa Seed Oil in our Moisture Boost Serum which is very rich in essential fatty acids, it tends to form crystals when stored at cool temperatures. Simply warm the Oil gently between your hands. This will melt the small crystals without  harm.

If you are interested in knowing more about which are the proven health benefits of Moringa (and which are not), a place you can dig into the research, then please follow this link to the Healthy but Smart website.


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