My first ever interview

Friday, 24 April 2015  |  Admin

This was my FIRST ever interview for a glossy magazine and I was so incredibly nervous back in February when Sandra, a brilliant freelance Journalist, arrived at my home.
Sandra heard about my company from a friend and was eager to interview me for a special 'Inspirational women' edition in the Buckinghamshire and Berkshire Life Magazine. 

In her gentle and chatty manner, Sandra managed to get through my terrifying brain freeze and we had a rather fun conversation and got on really well. As much as I was tempted to prepare a 'speech', I didn't. I know that I would have sounded awkward and whatever questions Sandra had for me, I wanted to answer in the most natural way and from the heart. It worked for me and I am not upset about the outcome at all, apart from the fact that it made me cringe seeing my picture in a glossy magazine smiley

Many, many thanks again to Sandra Smith who had the patience of a saint interviewing me and did a marvellous 2 page job! x

Enjoy my story!


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