Nathalie's Top 14 Skin Care Products!

4 CommentsThursday, 1 January 2015  |  Admin

Nathalie is just fabulous! Nathalie is a Beauty Blogger from Montreal in Canada and she is unique, full of fun and love and I have been very fortunate to meet her nearly a year ago.

Nathalie is a makeup artist with an amazing knowledge of skincare, makeup application and also fashion that she freely shares on her You Tube Channel 'The Beauty Diva', specialising on the 'ageing gracefully movement'.
Her recordings are always warm hearted, packed with information on latest trends and makeup application tips for the mature woman.

I have already featured with a few of my products in 2 of her videos (so proud of it!) and in her latest video, Nathalie introduces her most favourite 14 beauty and skincare products including two of my products - woooohoooo!
Honestly, I never thought that this lovely Canadian woman would ever consider any of my Vegan Skincare products in her favourite list since I am sure that her array of tinctures and lovely lotions must be VAST! 

Nathalie chose our Argan & Olive Squalane Eye Serum and our Anti-Ageing Camellia Face Oil and calls them her 'liquid gold'. She says that she doesn't want to live without either of them :-)
Below is her video in which she introduces all her favourite products and our two Serums get featured about 8:13 mins into the video. Enjoy! ... and many thanks Nathalie - you are wonderful! x

Monday, 18 May 2015  |  10:50

Nathalie introduced me to Gerlinde products via her You Tube channel quite some time ago and she is correct in saying the Argan & Olive Squalane Eye Serum and Anti-Ageing Camellia Face Oil are liquid gold, amazing products. They are my go to products, nothing can replace them, the difference in my skin is amazing. I use a few more Gerlinde products too and they are all I ever reach for. Absolutely love all of them.

Monday, 18 May 2015  |  11:05

Thank you so much Heather! Love your comments and I am so glad you are experiencing such an improvement! Sending lots of love to NL

Susan Locke
Wednesday, 3 June 2015  |  16:34

I too use Gerlinde products all the time and would not use anything else. Her day moisturiser and night moisturiser are absolutely fabulous. They go on with ease and absorb in the skin so beautifully. Neither are greasy like some moisturisers and they leave your skin so smooth and soft and with the added use of the Argan and Olive Squalane Eye Serum It is like giving your skin a luxury beauty treatment every day of the week. I often get told what lovely skin I have and I always tell everyone its because of the products from Gerlinde Naturals that I use. I also use one of Gerlinde cleansers and would not be without it. The shea butter cream is a must for anyone that has dry skin that gets irritated and flaky and the hand therapy cream is absolutely a must. I have just ordered her new Body Lotion and cannot wait to get it. Gerlinde Naturals a luxury skin care that everyone can afford. Go on, treat your skin to a luxurious pampering every day of the week, you know you want to.

Thursday, 4 June 2015  |  9:13

You are an absolute star Sue!! Thank you very much for your great feedback - you know it means so much to me! I am so happy that you are getting on well with my products xx

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