Epsom Bath Salts with Coconut & Lemon Essential Oils

Epsom Bath Salts with Coconut & Lemon Essential Oils
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Size:  200g / 7.05 oz.
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Refreshing Coconut and Lemon Heaven Epsom Bath Salts 200g / 7.05 oz.

with Minerals and Essential Oils

Key Ingredients: Epsom Salts, Minerals, Essential Oils

Natural Epsom Bath Salts with the heavenly aromas of Coconut and Lemon are full of goodness and revitalise, nourish, calm and relax your body after a long day.

Epsom salts are comprised of magnesium and sulphates which can have some amazing benefits if you use them correctly. The first little known fact is that the magnesium sulphate found in Epsom salt is actually absorbed through your skin! When we feel stressed, the levels of magnesium in our body deplete but Epsom Salts help replenish the magnesium when we pour them into a warm bath and simply soak. Many athletes use Epsom salt to help their bodies recover.

Directions: Use half a handful for a warm bath and swish the water to dissolve the salt. Also brilliant to use for a relaxing, softening footbath.


*Our products are hand blended with purest natural ingredients on the day of your order to ensure you receive them as fresh as possible. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Product has a shelf life of 12 months




Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt), Citrus Limonum (Lemon) Oil, Cocos Nucifera Extract, Benzoin Styrax Resin Oil, *Benzyl Cinnamate, *Benzyl Benzoate, *Citral. *Limonene (*occurs naturally in essential oils)

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I am so glad I tried these!
Monday, 28 April 2014  | 

Review on Gillian’s blog ‘alwaysunpresentable’
It’s not very often I post reviews on things so quickly, but I couldn’t wait to post my thoughts on this product! As you might remember I struggle to get a good night’s sleep very often so I like to try solutions that don’t involve sleeping tablets as they make me feel drowsy and sluggish.

I saw these Epsom Bath Salts with Coconut and Lemon Essential Oils featured on British Beauty Blogger a week or so and they sounded fantastic, and before I knew it I’d handed my pennies over and they had arrived neatly at my door.

Epsom Salts are a long renowned wonder product, my grandma is a big fan of them. Consisting of a pure mineral compound, magnesium sulfate to be exact, there are a lot of uses for Epsom Salts which you can look at here. As a bath product they help to de-stress and relax by restoring the body’s lost magnesium levels. Here the Epsom Salt is mixed with essential oils and minerals to make a beautifully scented bath time treat. You can buy plain Epsom Salts from most high street beauty shops, but these are definitely more luxurious. Gerlinde believes that natural ingredients are the answer to many of our skin woes and her products are naturally free of chemicals, are suitable for vegans and also are handmade on the day of purchase, how good is that!? So after a bloody awful week at work, I finally had some time to run myself a warm bath and try this product. It also came with a Washi wash cloth which was a nice surprise, too!

What I like:
•I felt so relaxed after taking a bath using these salts, and afterwards had a really good night’s sleep, the best I’ve had in a while. It was amazing and I was thrilled. I recently went to a Turkish Baths/Spa, and I felt almost as good after my bath as I did after the three hours I spent in the spa. It’s not going to stop me from going to the spa every so often, but the relaxing effect of these salts is wonderful and hopefully will help my insomnia in future.
•The scent of these salts is really lovely, I wouldn’t put coconut and lemon together but the overall effect is subtle and not at all overpowering in the water. British Beauty Blogger is on the right lines comparing it to a Pina Colada, the lemon adds a freshness but the coconut gives it a creamy scent too. Hope that makes sense!
•I love this is completely natural, vegan and handmade, it was mixed just after I put my order in. I even got an email telling me they were putting together the bath salts. They were beautifully packaged too. •You get a lot of product for your money, I’ll get a lot of uses out of the 400g jar I bought. I think it’s a bargain.

What I don’t like:
•I think my gas bill will be going up as I am going to be having more baths so I can use this more often!

It’s not very often I completely gush over a product, but I highly, highly recommend you try these if you’re looking for a bath product to help you de-stress and relax. If you aren’t a fan of coconut or lemon scents, there’s other varieties available in Gerlinde’s shop (I also bought the Epsom Salts with cocoa butter nuggets, oops!). I’m so glad I tried these!


Review - The 'British Beauty Blogger' BBB
Monday, 24 February 2014  | 

Oh my goodness – these bath salts are lovely! I’m not that keen usually on foodie-beauty but this is bliss! Gerlinde Naturals Coconut & Lemon Heaven Epsom Bath Salts is like bathing in a Pina Colada – minus the cocktail umbrella. It’s not overwhelming but the scent made me smile.
They’re made from all natural ingredients and while Epsom Salts are an old-fashioned remedy for just about anything and everything including aches (thanks to magnesium), I like bath salts – especially when they’re done like this!

The packaging is beautiful too with such attention to detail – the whole things looks far more expensive than it is. My box came with a little Washi Washcloth as well. I don’t actually know if it was specially packaged like that for me or if it comes as standard but either way, this is such a treat.

The second tub I received has Epsom Bath Salts with Cocoa Butter Nuggets inside – it smells so fresh, and yes, a little bit chocolaty for my liking but the inclusion of Geranium essential and Bergamot essential oils really works to take the edge off the sweetness. I haven’t tested this out yet so I can’t say how well the cocoa butter chunks work (I’m imagining one heck of a ring round the bath). Everything is free from, well, everything you’d hope it would be for a natural brand and I highly recommend the bath salts. They are heavenly.


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