Moisturising Creams and Balms

ALSO AVAILABLE FRAGRANCE FREE - All our products are natural and contain a mixture of plant based essential oils (aromatherapy oils like neroli, frankincense, rose, geranium, etc.) which aids the effectiveness. Essential oils when mixed with the required knowledge, also evoke a sense of well-being and smell delicious. Nevertheless some of our clients and customers have hyper sensitive skin or do not like any kind of scent in their products, so we decided to offer you an essential oil (fragrance) free version of every product in our face care range.
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*Moisture Rich Vitamin C Cream
From:  £26.00
All Skin Types incl Sensitive
Our moisture rich Vitamin C cream is infused with powerful multi-antioxidant ingredients, promoting healthy, beautiful looking skin. This unique and non-greasy formula is for all skin types including sensitive skin and can help to plump and smooth the skin, encourage collagen production, brighten a dull skin tone, even out the complexion, reducing fine lines, protect against free radical damage caused by the environment
Calming Day & Night Moisturiser
From:  £26.00
Normal to Dry and Sensitive Skin Types
Fragrance free, creamy textured and readily absorbed, this moisturiser hydrates,  nourishes and helps calm and defend sensitive or intolerant, reddened skin. It supports the skins' barrier function with skin loving botanicals and helps protect your skin from common problems such as free radicals, photo-ageing and general weather damage (*Ingredient Profile Marula Oil).
This is a wonderful mid-weight moisturiser which is also an ideal protective skin care product for normal to dry problem free skin. Use daily before makeup and/or night time.
Day Moisturiser with Hyaluronic Acid
From:  £22.00
All Skin Types
This light and perfectly balanced moisturiser gently prepares your skin for the day ahead. It deeply hydrates and plumps your skin with the help of Hyaluronic Acid, soothes and softens remarkably and promotes a healthy looking complexion.
Elixir & Face Balm
£58.00   £52.20
 Normal to Dry, Mature Skin
Our award winning Revive Elixir and Super Nourishing Face Balm are the perfect partners for a fuss free day and night skin care regime. The Elixir absorbs quickly for a great "plump, tone and smooth" base under makeup in the mornings and the Balm  encourages collagen production and nourishes your skin beautifully over night. 
Save 10% on the individual retail price.
Luxury Trio Gift Box
£78.00   £70.20
 Dry and Mature Skin
We have selected 3 of our best selling moisture rich products for you (2 award winning) which are especially suited for dry and mature skin types. They are beautifully presented in a Gift Box and come with separate instruction cards. Save 10% on the individual retail price.
Super Fruit Moisturiser
Award Winning Super Nourishing Face Balm
Award Winning Moisture Boost Serum
Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid
From:  £22.00
Normal to Dry and Irritated Skin
Our award winning Skin Recovery Night Cream has been specifically formulated to nourish and soothe normal to dry and irritated skin over night. Deep penetrating, easily absorbed and highly moisturising carrier oils like Rosehip Seed, Starflower and Macadamia help naturally soothe your skin and on top of it give your skin a smooth look and feel.
Organic Shea Safflower Hand & Body Lotion
From:  £14.00
Normal, dry and sensitive skin
Our gentle Hand & Body Lotion is expertly blended aiming to instantly moisturise and protect with a lightweight, non-greasy formula.
Organic Whipped Shea Butter Face & Body Cream
From:  £12.00
Dry Skin
We enrich Organic Shea Butter with highest quality Calendula and Evening Primrose Oils. A very versatile product which is excellent as a rich, everyday moisturiser for either only neck and face area, the whole body or to help with various skin conditions like cracked, dry skin.
Super Fruit Moisturiser
From:  £10.00
Dry and Mature Skin
This little gem certainly packs a punch with revitalising and hydrating ingredients such as Cranberry, Raspberry, Pomegranate and even Green Tea Extracts which offer an exceptional synergy of Omega Essential Fatty Acids, Anti-Oxidants that help promote collagen production.
Super Nourishing Face Balm
From:  £28.00
Dry, Mature and environmentally stressed Skin
The Butters and Oils in this award winning Face Balm contain lots of phytosterol which encourages collagen production, plumping up the skin, and can help with skin tissue regeneration. The ingredients are also wonderful for scaly skin and skin toning.
Washi! Pure Cotton Gentle Exfoliating Towel for Face and Body
Exfoliating is according to beauty experts the key to acquiring a fresh lively complexion that is so smooth it allows make-up and tanning products to glide on and blend perfectly. The Washi! Skin Polishing Towel / Gentle Exfoliating Towel will help you achieve your best complexion yet - even without products or chemicals. It has a unique texture which feels very comfortable on the skin, and is the perfect follow up to daily hot cloth cleansing regime.

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