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Marvelous Moisturiser
Friday, 16 March 2018  |  Nicola

I've tried many moisturisers and there has always been something that has stopped me re-ordering. Whether it be smell, packaging or performance.
But this one ticks all my boxes.

I love the texture, aroma and importantly the packaging. I can actually see when its near its end so I can order in time before it runs out. Not many airless pumps are like this.
A little goes a long way too.

Divine products
Friday, 16 March 2018  |  Nicola

I don't wear full face makeup that often and have often found cleansers dry my face due to cleansing twice to make sure all traces are gone.
But this double cleanse method is brilliant.
The products smell divine and my skin feels really soft after. No dry or itchy feeling or tightness.
It removes my mascara too without having to rub too firmly with cotton pads.
I'll definitely stick with this brand.

My Face Has Never Felt So Clean
Monday, 12 March 2018  |  Nici

I love this double cleansing method - I was a bit sceptical of using oil at first but now realise it is the best method. The cleansing lotion smells gorgeous and I use it by itself in the mornings. My face has never felt so clean.

French Pink Clay Face Mask
Friday, 9 March 2018  |  Kathryn

Wonderful for my very dry skin! Skin felt hydrated after use. My skin also looked much brighter!

Relaxing lavender linen spray
Thursday, 22 February 2018  |  Susan

I can't praise this product enough. The smell is gorgeous. For someone like me who hardly ever relaxes and has trouble sleeping, this product has been a god send I spray it round the room at night just before getting into bed. The smell is devine, I immediately start feeling relaxed and in no time at all I'm asleep. It has helped me so much. I'm up at four every morning for work, working six days a week so when you can't sleep it's awful but since buying and using this product it has helped me to sleep so much it truly is an absolute God send. Yet another fantastic product. Thank you Gerlinde. X