freshly hand blended on the day of your order

My natural vegan skin care is lovingly hand made on order, expertly formulated with high quality ingredients including eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. I offer a range of independently certified Purifying Cleansers, Nourishing Moisturisers, Rejuvenating Face Oils especially for sensitive and dry skin. Cruelty Free. Fragrance Free. UK Free Shipping.

Please ask me any time if you need any skin care or product advice! I am always here and more than happy to help you

Gerlinde xx


Body Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid

All Skin Types incl Sensitive
We utilize the finest natural ingredients such as Organic Avocado and Arctic Blackcurrant CO2 Extract, highly moisturising *Hyaluronic Acid which offers you gentle protection throughout the day and keeps your skin well hydrated.
£17.00  -  £31.00

Foot Balm with Organic Shea Butter

Normal to Dry and Sensitive Skin
It doesn't matter whether you spend your day in high heels, sandals, in work boots or barefoot, our nourishing and fresh smelling Foot Balm is just the right  thing to help and give relief from dry, cracked heels and sores.
£14.00  -  £23.00

Oil-To-Milk Cleanser

All Skin Types incl Sensitive
Performing a deep clean on skin, the cleanser glides silky smooth and effortlessly across the face and transforms itself, upon contact with water, into a light milky, comforting emulsion. Its water-soluble formula rinses off effortlessly, without leaving an oily residue and effectively lifts away makeup and impurities.
£18.00  -  £32.00

3x Washi! Spiral Cotton Buds (Cotton Swabs / Q-Tips)

3 Boxes of about 80 buds each
- A
 hygienic solution for also applying make-up (ca. 80 buds/swabs)

- Completely plastic-free and biodegrade after disposal - made of unbleached cotton and compressed paper

Rejuvenating Eye Cream

All Skin Types incl Sensitive
Our 100% natural and vegan Eye Cream is packed with actives and essential nutrients to rejuvenate  the eye contour and keeping it deeply moisturised from day to night, targeting fine lines.
£17.00  -  £29.00

Soothing Face Oil with Grapeseed and Marigold

Normal to Dry Skin and Sensitive Skin
With finest quality Grapeseed, Marigold and Starflower Oil, Vitamin E and supporting Rose/Chamomile Essential Oils, this Face Oil helps your skin to achieve suppleness by retaining enough moisture to plump it out and give you relief from tight, dry skin.
£20.00  -  £35.00

Lovely cream
Monday, 23 August 2021  |  Lauren

Super moisturising cream, perfect for my dry skin, i love Shea butter. I layer it over a serum. Delivery was 4 days, so quick considering itís made to order. Packaged lovely, would recommend. Thankyou for the extra gift x

Wednesday, 18 August 2021  |  Felicity

Thank you so much for the gorgeous day moisturiser which arrived so promptly . It remains an absolute favourite , thank you too for the Herb of Grace soap included , love the colours, scent and find it deeply moisturising for the dry skin on my hands.

Moisture Rich Vitamin C Face Cream
Tuesday, 17 August 2021  |  GB

I use it in the evenings and it's quite effective in plumping up the skin.

Washi cloth
Tuesday, 17 August 2021  |  GB

Bought two cloths to cleanse and exfoliate my face. Gentle on the skin leaving it soft, smooth and glowing. I'm pleased with them.