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Botanical Luxury for

freshly hand blended on the day of your order
also available Fragrance Free

You and your skin are at the heart of our business, that's why we like to manage our company in an oversee-able family run environment where we have the opportunity to get to know our customers, creating a special relationship by understanding and remembering their likes and dislikes. We are also able to make sure that all steps from production to shipment are kept bespoke and with a unique personal touch.

All our products are freshly hand-blended with lots of love, care and attention to detail, on the day of your order by Gerlinde personally. In this way, customers can make requests, feel comfortable, in safe hands and be sure that all ingredients are as perfect, unspoiled and as fresh as possible





Rejuvenating Face Oil
From:  £20.00
Normal to Dry Skin
This lovely Face Oil is rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamins and helps you diminish the appearance of fine lines and indulges your skin with a concentrated botanical formula. The mixture makes sure to soften, restore and improve skin tone and texture and is the perfect base for your make-up.
Soothing Face Oil with Grapeseed and Marigold
From:  £20.00
Dry Skin - Night Time
With finest quality Grapeseed, Marigold and Starflower Oil, Vitamin E and supporting Rose/Chamomile Essential Oils, this Face Oil helps your skin to achieve suppleness by retaining enough moisture to plump it out and give you relief from tight, dry skin.
Banana & Vanilla Soap Bar

Banana & Vanilla Soap Bar
Mellow & Moisturising
SLS and paraben free – This fruity, mellow Soap smells just like freshly sliced Bananas with a hint of Vanilla and Tonka Bean!
Containing lashings of cold pressed Avocado Oil and Golden Jojoba Oil to leave your skin super smooth.


Oil to Milk Cleanser & Toner Essence - Gift Set
£28.00   £25.20
 All Skin Types incl Sensitive and Mature
Experience the ultimate cleanse with our Oil to Milk Cleanser, a wonderful self-emulsifying makeup remover infused with Omega-rich Safflower plus the soothing properties of Calendula. Our gentle, alcohol-free Toner lifts the remaining traces of the cleanser to refresh, hydrate, protect, pH balance and soothe your skin.
Save 10% on the individual retail price.
Luxury Balm Pamper Trio - Gift Set
£56.00   £50.40
 Normal to Dry and Mature Skin
Our Super Nourishing Face Balm, Marigold and Neroli Hand Balm and Foot Balm with Organic Shea Butter spoil your skin with fantastic natural ingredients and make sure your skin is beautifully soft, smooth and protected.
Save 10% on the individual retail price.
Washi! Pure Cotton Gentle Exfoliating Towel for Face and Body
Exfoliating is according to beauty experts the key to acquiring a fresh lively complexion that is so smooth it allows make-up and tanning products to glide on and blend perfectly. The Washi! Skin Polishing Towel / Gentle Exfoliating Towel will help you achieve your best complexion yet - even without products or chemicals. It has a unique texture which feels very comfortable on the skin, and is the perfect follow up to daily hot cloth cleansing regime.
Delighted with it!
Wednesday, 18 November 2020  |  Andrea

Thank-you so much for the shea butter cream, I am delighted with it, it is so nourishing and kind to the skin. I will definitely be buying the larger jar once this is finished!
Also, I have been using the revive elixir on my hands at night, and find it very softening, with a delightful fragrance.

Totally Exquisite!
Wednesday, 18 November 2020  |  Claudia

I purchased the Revive Elixir and the face balm, and I cannot thank you enough for the benefits that I had by using your products 😍.
I even posted the Revive Elixir in "Beauty and Skincare talk" group on Facebook and I honestly praised it's qualities, since I truly believe it is THE ABSOLUTE BEST oil I ever used! 💟
Your products are totally exquisite!

Elixir and Face Balm
Wednesday, 4 November 2020  |  Johanna

I have been using the Face balm for sometime and love the way it makes my skin feel. I have just tried the Elixir for the first time and it is lovely! I use it in the evening and I love the scent and the and the way it sinks into my skin. It leaves no greasy feeling and is very light. I will be ordering both again!

Love this!
Monday, 26 October 2020  |  Ann

Love this. Smells gorgeous and clean. Just what I needed.