Face Oils and Serums

All our Face Oils and Serums are also available FRAGRANCE FREE (without essential oils)

  • Our plant based Face Oils work on every skin type as they nourish, re-balance skin and restore a naturally healthy complexion. Whether you have oily, combination or dry skin, by regularly applying a Face Oil, your skin will re-balance to reveal calm, clear and healthy looking complexion. A perfect base for make-up.
  • Face Oils glide onto the skin and encourage facial massage. Massaging your face has plenty of benefits – it relaxes and tones the muscles which helps to sculpt facial contours, removes stress and tension in the face, boosts blood flow and awakens the senses. By massaging the oil into your skin you are also pushing the skin-boosting ingredients deeper into the epidermis. 
  • If you’re scared of using a Face Oil, you can gently ease yourself into using one by simply adding a couple of drops to your night cream and day cream to give your skin an extra surge of nourishment but without committing to applying the oil directly to your skin. Even by adding a couple of drops to your day and night cream is enough to notice the benefits to your skin.
  • Face Oils give skin a gorgeously plump and dewy glow – the type that is always seen on the runways and red carpets but is so hard to replicate. Simply massage a Face Oil into your skin every evening before bed and in the mornings to achieve a radiant and healthy glow.


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Moisture Boost Serum - with Coenzyme Q10

Moisture Boost Serum - with Coenzyme Q10From:  £7.50

Dry and Mature Skin *Award Winning
Our award winning Moisture Boost Face Serum is a luxurious, tried and tested Face Serum with a silky texture. It contains high performance natural ingredients such as Moringa, Starflower and Coenzyme Q10 to help plump, boost collagen production and exceptionally nourish your skin. This Face Serum is particularly suited for dry and mature skin with fine lines.
Nourishing Face Treatment Oil

Nourishing Face Treatment OilFrom:  £7.00

All Skin Types
This wonderfully light, calming and nourishing treat is suited for all skin types and penetrates your skin instantly without clogging your pores and is a perfect base for your make-up. 
Organic Argan EYE Serum with Blackcurrant CO2 Extract

Organic Argan EYE Serum with Blackcurrant CO2 ExtractFrom:  £7.00

All Skin Types
Our Eye Serum harnesses the properties of 4 exquisite ingredients including Blackcurrant CO2 Extract with high levels of Omega-6 and Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids, and will help you reduce the appearance of fine lines.
Organic Rosehip Beauty Oil

Organic Rosehip Beauty OilFrom:  £7.00

Normal to Dry Skin
Every skin type benefits from the wonderful properties of Rosehip Seed Oil, which reach from cell and tissue regeneration (wrinkles and scars, over exposure to sunlight) to soothing inflammations.
Rejuvenating Face Oil

Rejuvenating Face OilFrom:  £7.00

Normal to Dry Skin
This lovely Face Oil is rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamins and helps you diminish the appearance of fine lines and indulges your skin with a concentrated botanical formula. The mixture makes sure to soften, restore and improve skin tone and texture and is the perfect base for your make-up.
Soothing Face Oil

Soothing Face OilFrom:  £7.00

Dry Skin - Night Time
With finest quality Grapeseed, Marigold and Starflower Oil, Vitamin E and supporting Rose/Chamomile Essential Oils, this Face Oil helps your skin to achieve suppleness by retaining enough moisture to plump it out and give you relief from tight, dry skin.

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