Washi! Spiral Cotton Buds (Q-Tips) - 150pcs

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150 buds

✔ A hygienic solution also for applying make-up (150 buds/swabs in cotton bag)
✔ Completely plastic-free and biodegradable after disposal
Made of unbleached cotton and compressed paper


150pcs in Cotton Bag

The Washi! Spiral is quite different from other cotton buds/swabs – can you see the little dimples in each tip? In some parts of the Far East they call them “The Four Dumpling Cotton Bud”. 

Well it’s those dimply dumplings that make the difference! They act like little sweepers to remove debris more effectively than any other bud/swab. Also they’re not so bendy, and the cotton is tightly wrapped onto each stick, so bits of fluff should not find their way into your eyes when applying make-up or treatments.

Here are some more great ideas for using cotton buds/swabs:

  • Fix nail varnish mistakes - dip bud into nail polish remover for accurate nail polish removal
  • Clean your keyboard - swipe in between the ridges of keys, the tip is compact enough to get into crevices
  • Clean your glasses frames and lenses - use them to get under nose pads, around screws on straps, and between the glass and lenses themselves
  • Touch up makeup mistakes - smooth out foundation
  • Clean piercings
  • Clean ear phones
  • Touch up paint on furniture and walls
  • Shine up jewellery
Caution: Please remember to be very careful when using any cotton buds/swabs – you must not put them into ear canal or into nose, and young children should not be given them to play with.
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4 Reviews:

Interesting design
29 November 2023  | 

Not tried these before but they work well, I like the little ridges.

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19 July 2019  | 

Swift service but I can't give this item the 5 stars that I have given to the 3 other products that I purchased at the same time, because I bought the q-tips to be 'environmentally friendly' yet they arrived in a plastic box! I'll have to think of some use to which the little box can be put when I have used up the q-tips.

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Dear Simone, thank you very much for your feedback. We have since spoken to the supplier and changed the packaging to environmentally friendly cotton pouches :-)

Excellent for eye makeup use
02 April 2019  | 

Wish I would have known how amazing these are I would have bought more.

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So much better than regular cotton buds.
27 May 2017  | 

I use these on my face and eyes when applying and removing makeup. I love them! I can't go back to regular cotton buds now because I always found the loose fibers annoying. But these buds are tightly wound and because of the ridges are great for cleaning up areas of the face and eyes. I highly recommend trying them. Cheers.🌼

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Oh this is lovely to hear Jenny! Thanks a lot for the great feedback on the Washi Cotton Buds! They are one of my staples too ;-) xx